Customizing luxury: the uniqueness of Pagani

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On the stage of the Autodesk Forum 2017, Horacio Pagani spoke on the principles for the creation of the Huayra, the most recent hypercar from the Modena-based brand. Customizing the most exclusive luxury is one of the key points of the Pagani brand: the quest for uniqueness.

The Argentine car designer specifically pointed out how: “We are certainly not better than others in building cars, our interest is in seeking uniqueness. For us the car is a design product, with values and an attention to detail unique for each customer”. Pagani takes customization to the limits making it tailor-like, making uniqueness the critera around which the entire experience of his lucky customers revolves.

horacio pagani

Horacio Pagani on the stage of the Autodesk Forum with Emanuel Arnaboldi, Country Leader for Autodesk for Italy.

The customization of the car is the basis of a customer experience that lasts three years, the time it takes to produce a Pagani: “Our customers“, explains Horacio Pagani, “buy our cars without seeing them, they trust us and this creates in us a sense of responsibility. We have a network that allows us to be present all over the world to show the progress being made on the car, but our customers often prefer to come to the factory to see the car grow detail after detail“. A true personal relationship, human to human, is created: “All the details are unique and we continuously share them with our customers.”

When you work on such a unique product, tailored to the needs of each individual customer, the concept of mass customization is taken to its limit. Customizing something that does not exist requires a set of high-quality samples and simulations through photorealistic rendering of the product, which is essential to show the client the final result.

The Huayra Roadster is the latest car from the Pagani brand. (credits Pagani Automobili SpA)

Horacio Pagani has clear ideas about the future: “We invest 20% of our turnover in research and development. To continue to remain unique we don’t have to compete with others but with ourselves. We strive to look beyond and imagine things that could be done in a totally different way. Redefining the components of cars and always looking for perfection in all the details is our constant goal.”

A Pagani is a dream, a car that is not for everyone, a crowning achievement of the most exclusive Italian products. The Huayra appears with regularity in the rankings of the world’s most expensive cars. Its price is around 2.3 million, although customization can heavily modify its final price considering that there are options that can exceed 100,000 euros. Configuring its every detail is an experience that is priceless.

This post is also available in: Italiano

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